Defend Atlantis from the Forces of Chaos in LOAD

May 22, 2016 - 10:21pm
load board As online video games such as League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm (called Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA) increase in popularity, some gamers wonder when this style of game will make an impact on the tabletop.  Recently launched on Kickstarter, LOAD: League of Ancient Defenders hopes to be the game that makes that impact.  A miniature game loaded to the gills with plastic, up to six players wage war on one of two teams.  One side: the noble warriors of Atlantis and humanity's last hope.  The other: fearsome warriors of Chaos bent on utter destruction.  From the Kickstarter page:
Players must leverage the unique abilities of their Heroes as they push three lanes simultaneously toward the opposing faction’s base. By destroying key enemy objectives, towers and spawn points, they will force the opposing team to abandon the battle in full retreat. Each faction spawns Lane Creeps that mindlessly charge toward the opposing base to assault enemy objectives. These minions’ behavior is set by predetermined rules, allowing only limited control by the player. Creeps are constantly replenished at Spawn Points located in each faction’s base, so it is up to the player-controlled Heroes to help their army overwhelm the enemy and achieve victory.
Player controlled heroes appear as one of five archetypes that specialize in certain areas of play: Striker, Mage, Guardian, Assassin, Archer.  Players will control five or six heroes total, depending on player count and can out fit their heroes with various items to enhance their skill in combat.  This is but a small preview of what this game offers.  To check out the artwork, minis, gameplay, and more, be sure to visit the Kickstarter page.  As of writing, it has sixteen days remaining and has reached its funding goal plus many stretch goals beyond.  LOAD will close funding on June 8.