Now On Kickstarter: Cosmic Kaboom

May 24, 2016 - 8:29am
cosmic kaboom
For centuries, the Factions have been at war. However, it wasn’t until recently that they developed the ability to create a bomb so powerful as to destroy entire planets. Now the secret is out, and it’s a race to see which faction will be triumphant and become RULERS OF THE UNIVERSE!
Minion Games is currently running a Kickstarter project for Cosmic Kaboom, a sic-fi dexterity flicking game where players "fly around space collecting energy to power up space bombs which are used to eradicate the planets of their enemies."  Due to the dynamic and flexible nature of the gameplay, players are able to play the game on a game surface of any size.  In the game, players will fly--or actually flick--their space ships around space (the game surface), collecting energy to power up space bombs and eradicate their enemies. cosmic kaboom box To summarize gameplay, each player will control three planets, one of which housing an energy crystal that supplies energy cubes of that player's type.  These cubes are obtained when a player flicks his or her ship onto the planet.  Players can "build" (obtain) a space bomb using a set of cubes from each player's color.  This bomb can then be tossed onto the board in an attempt to destroy other players' planets, earning points for each planet destroyed.  Players gain powers and bonuses as the game progresses via Advancement cards.  When one entire color of planets has been destroyed, or the majority of the planets have been destroyed, the game ends and the player with the most points wins. Cosmic Kaboom if for 2-4 players ages 13 and up and plays in 30 minutes.  The project has reached its minimum funding level and will fund on June 9, 2016.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page here.