Now On Kickstarter: Gaslight Empire Games' Chief Inspector & City of Outcasts

May 19, 2016 - 11:57pm
gaslight empire Gaslight Empire Games would like to announce their current Kickstarter project for Chief Inspector and City of Outcasts, two "compact and calculatingly criminal card games." Chief Inspector
A master criminal walks the streets of London town.  The scuffers are clueless, but the Chief Inspector is on the case.  That is, until he goes missing through mysterious circumstances...and so it falls to you, junior inspectors, to walk the streets and investigate some likely (and unlikely) suspects.  Turn up clues to learn more about their reputations and past deeds.
A copy of Chief Inspector includes:
  • 5 Suspect cards
  • 32 Clue cards
  • 24 Inspector cards
  • 20 Evidence cards
  • 20 Corruption cards
  • 4 Reference cards
  • Rulebook
  • Small Solid Box
Chief Inspector is a card game for 2-4 players, ages 10+ and plays in around 20 minutes.  The game is designed by Philip duBarry, designer of games including Skyway Robbery, Spirits of the Rice Paddy, Revolution, Fidelitas and Black Orchestra. city of outcasts City of Outcasts
Rym lies buried beneath the scorching sands of Omere and cut off from the reach of the Empire.  We were once a hopeful community of settlers and pilgrims, but in time our growing city became a destination for all manner of criminals and opportunists looking to escape the eye of the Empire.  This is a lawless place, a Wild West brew of feuding gangs and unscrupulous characters, with an underclass of common people simply struggling to make something of their lives.  The Empire won't help us.  Who will? There is no love between the various powers in the City of Outcasts.  Each player is attempting to play these powers off each other to assemble allies in a cunning bid to take control of Rym.  Each of the 14 allies has a point value.  The player with the most valuable allies at the end of the game will win, and, more importantly, usher in a period of justice, peace, and prosperity for its down-trodden people.
City of Outcasts is for 2-4 players, ages 10+ and plays in around 5 minutes (three games over 15 minutes is a great way to play, especially with the expansion).  The game is designed by Garrett Herdter, designer of Miskatonic School for Boys and Hollow Cell. A copy of the game includes:
  • 13 Ally cards
  • 1 Eyes of the People card
  • 4 Reference cards
  • Rulebook
  • Small Solid Box
For more information and to support this project, visit the Kickstarter page here.