Anachrony now on Kickstarter

May 16, 2016 - 6:26pm
anachrony comp Anachrony, designed by David Turczi, published by MindClash Games is now on Kickstarter.
Anachrony is a competitive, epic Euro-style strategy game with worker placement at its core, set in a grim future where Earth has been rebuilt along four different ideological Paths.The game is played through a series of Eras, with a time travelling twist - players can use Time Rifts to reach back to earlier Eras as the game progresses. Players assume the roles of iconic leaders of the four ideological Paths, striving for the supremacy and prosperity of their people, and do everything they can to prepare for a game-changing event: after the fourth Era, an asteroid impact shakes Earth, threatening to destroy the World Capital, New Earth’s last independent city. When the time comes, the Paths can take their part in evacuating the collapsing Capital. In the end, one of the Paths will be the new home to the reformed World Council, and lead humanity to a brighter future.
Anachrony is a worker placement game where the miniatures that you place define the actions you can take. It features some really intriguing art design and looks to have some interesting mechanics. The rulebook is available for download and backing the project offers up customizable box sleeves to make your game stand out on your shelf. You can back Anachrony for $59 with an estimated shipping date of February 2017. Check out their campaign HERE.