52% of GenCon's featured guests this year are female.

May 17, 2016 - 7:00pm
gencon logo This really shouldn't be a news article. This should not be something that gets buzz or is even discussed. This should be the norm. It should not be anything out of the ordinary that more than half of the featured guests at GenCon are female. But because this is the first time it has happened, this is something worthy of pointing out. Each year GenCon features 25 guests as their most important showcases, their Industry Insider Feature Presenters. These are the industry insiders that have been deemed important enough to put their faces right on the front of the program book. This year, 13 of those guests are female. To compare, in 2014 only four of these guests were female, and in 2011 only one.
Jessica Price, Developer at Paizo: Does this magically fix all of tabletop gaming’s misogyny problems? No. But women being recognized as gaming authorities, our work being highlighted, our input being sought, and just our presence in equal numbers with men helps.
This writer feels this is a step in the right direction.