Coming Soon from AEG

May 12, 2016 - 11:17am
curtain rises AEG has announced two new expansions and one new game coming out in the month of May.  First is the next expansion pack for the LCG Doomtown ReloadedTHE CURTAIN RISES, this expansion will add 84 new cards to the game, 4 copies of the 21 new types, and will arrive on store shelves May 23rd.  You can check out the game website for more info and some preview images of the cards. epic pvp2 Next is the second expansion for the shufflebuilding game Epic PVP, appropriately named Epic PVP Expansion 2.  This expansion will add Halflings, Cat Folk, Clerics and Dark Knights to the mix and give you even more options for race and class combinations.  Look for this expansion to hit store shelves on May 16th. dice heist Last is a new game coming from AEG called Dice Heist.  Dice Heist is a thieving dice game where each player will play as a thief trying to rob one of four different museums, with each museum having a different level of difficulty.  On your turn you will reveal an exhibit card that gets added to a specific museum, then you choose to either attempt a heist or recruit a sidekick to help you.  If you attempt a heist you roll your thief die and as many of your collected sidekick dice as you want, if any of your dice show a value higher than the security for that museum, you succeed and take everything there.  If all your dice show lower than the security value then you fail and take all your dice back.  This will keep going around until you run out of items to steal, at which point you count up points, not monetary value, and whoever has the most points wins.  You can check out the rulebook on the AEG site and look for the game on store shelves May 23rd.