Hologrid: Monster Battle now on Kickstarter

May 11, 2016 - 8:26am
hologrid banner Remember that chess-looking game that R2D2 played against Chewbacca in New Hope? Well, someone has created it. Tippett Studio and Happy Giant bring you Hologrid: Monster Battle, a blend of boardgames, CCGs and digital elements designed to give a truly unique experience. hologrid glance The game won an award at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo and frankly there just isn’t a lot to say here about the game. Most of the Kickstarter campaign info is sparse at best, but there is a gameplay video available and it certainly looks like an interesting idea, if very similar to the Eric Lang title Duelyst. Whether the game turns out to be something stable and amazing or just another gimmick remains to be seen. The game has many different tiers of support depending on how many extra pieces you’d like to use for your game. The company is looking for a goal of $100,000 and expect to deliver the project in November of 2016. You can see more by checking out the campaign HERE.