Outlive now on Kickstarter

May 11, 2016 - 10:06am
outlive Outlive, a game from La Boite de Jeu, designed by Grégory Oliver and illustrated by Miguel Coimbra, is now on Kickstarter.
 Outlive is a game of worker displacement set in a post-apocalyptic world. You’ll be leading one of four tribes in their struggle to survive in their underground shelters, tucked away from the now largely radioactive surface. Outlive is a 2 to 4 player resource management game where players will compete for survival in a world reclaimed by nature. Its unique workers displacement mechanic will make you feel the struggle of your people as you if you were there. Gather your Tribe, build your strategy and always be ready to move before other Tribes or, failing that, turn their own actions against them. Resources are scarce and if you hesitate your people will go hungry…
outlive comp Outlive offers two potential backing options, one with miniatures and one without. They will also be offering a full money back guarantee within one month of receiving the game. Both of these aspects are refreshing enough to warrant checking out the campaign. There are many interesting things about this campaign, almost too many to talk about here without simply stealing copying the whole page. I encourage you to watch their video and read more about the game and all the interesting work they've put into it. Outlive is expected to deliver in February of 2017. The game has already met its funding goal with stretch goals coming out. You can find the campaign by going: HERE.