Fantasy Flight Games releases expansion to Elder Sign, Grave Consequences

May 11, 2016 - 8:44am
grave consequences Fantasy Flight Games just released a new "small box" expansion for Elder Sign, Grave Consequences, which adds a couple new elements to help spice up your game.  Unlike the previous expansions which altered the game significantly, this expansion just adds three new decks of cards, Phobias, Epitaphs, and Epic Battles to add to your game as you like. Phobias add an extra layer of difficulty by giving you a phobia that will drain your sanity each time it is triggered.  Epitaph cards add a new random effect to your death, they start out face down showing a tombstone on the back, and when you are devoured you flip it over to see if the effect is good or bad.  Good effects can be things like healing everyone else's stamina and sanity, bad effects can be adding more monsters to locations.  Last are the Epic Battle cards. These are cards you start drawing if the ancient one has woken up and add new challenges or change up the battle order for your final showdown. All in all these cards will certainly add variety and difficulty to your game, you can head over to the FFG site to read more about the expansion and to read an interview between FFG and Elder Sign designer Richard Launius.