Coming Soon from Thames & Kosmos, Imhotep and Smugglers

May 11, 2016 - 8:21am
imhotep ACD Distribution has just released some information on two upcoming games from Thames & KOSMOS, Imhotep and Smugglers.  In Imhotep you are Egyptian architects trying to build the great wonders of the world from obelisks, to temples, to the great pyramids in order to be just like Imhotep, an architect whose awe-inspiring structures and brutal tactics earned him divine status among his people.  To accomplish this you will have to excavate building blocks, transport them to the different construction sites, and then add them to the structure at that site.  The difficult part comes in that on your turn you have only one action you can take, excavate a block, load a ship, or move a ship, so ships you load may be moved by an opponent and vice versa.  Negotiations will be tight and it's a race to see who can be the best builder, look for this game on store shelves June 15th. smugglers The second game is Smugglers, which has a clay shaping aspect like Dohdles, but with a smuggling twist.  You are a new smuggler on the block auditioning to be in the big gang, but to do this you will have to smuggle as much loot as you can through a hole in a fence.  On your turn a roll of the die will determine which hole in the fence you have to go through, then you pick which contraband you will try to sneak through and conceal it inside a ball of rubbery polymer putty.  Once you have formed your ball you roll it down the chute and if it passes through the fence then you get to keep the contraband, if it gets stuck then other players can take it from you if they guess what is inside.  The same can happen if you make the ball too small, if other players can guess what is inside then they steal it, and whoever has the most contraband at the ends wins.  Look for this interesting family game to arrive on store shelves June 15th.