Now on Kickstarter from, Virus

May 10, 2016 - 9:20am
virus has launched two concurrent funding campaigns for this game, one on Kickstarter, and the other on their own platform Giochistarter, and both campaigns together will determine what kind of extras you get in the game.  The game itself is called Virus, and is a dungeon delving type exploration game, only the dungeon is an underground bunker of a lab where a virus has been released, virus Q, that is mutating everyone it infects.  The monsters that people turn into are devastating creatures and so you need to get into the lab to find the antidote, but you have to be careful of the monsters so they don't infect you too, plus you have to get out before the lab explodes creating even more pressure.  The game is played in alternating phases, first is a 'real time' phase where everyone takes there actions like exploring, fighting, searching for clues and trying to find the exit.  The next phase is called the 'slow time' phase where you collect up the resources you found, place out new monsters, move and activate the monsters on the board, and buy upgrades with the resources you have collected.  Where you find the antidote is different each game as it uses a mechanic similar to Forbidden Desert where as you explore, clues will reveal aspects of the antidote location like color of the room, how many doors it has and so on, once the description is complete the antidote appears.  Grab it and run for the exit because you are on the clock.  Also if you get caught by the monsters don't worry, if you get infected then you just change sides and now play as a monster trying to get all the other players. virus minis The minis look good and the game sounds like fun and with elements of exploration, upgrading your character, and the innovative fight resolution system called "roll the cube", very intriguing as well.  If this sounds interesting you can head over to the campaign page to pledge for your copy, as well as see an run thru by Rahdo to give you a better feel of the game.