Now on Kickstarter from Chara Games, 3 Seeds

May 10, 2016 - 9:07am
3 seeds Chara Games, the publisher of Commissioned (which  successfully funded, via Kickstarter, last year), is launching their next game, 3 Seeds: Reap Where you Sow.  3 Seeds is an easy to learn card game about growing crops, but just because it is easy to learn doesn't mean it's not without tough choices and the opportunity for strategy. 3 seeds comp After looking into the game and learning the rules it looks like a good filler game of trying to fake people out with harvest cards and trying to position yourself to reap the rewards instead of your opponents.  Cost of the game is low at only $17 and the art is photos of money, clocks, and work gloves so it's good but not great.  If any of this sounds interesting then head on over to the campaign page to pledge for your own copy.