Coming Soon from Modiphius, Mutant Chronicles - Siege of the Citadel

May 7, 2016 - 6:00pm
siege of citadel Mutant Chronicles - Siege of the Citadel is a cooperative miniatures game that was released back in 1993 and was bore a very similar play style and look to Heroquest, but with a distinctly sci-fi theme instead of fantasy.  Now, 23 years later, Modiphius along with Cabinet Entertainment is going to be reprinting the game with the help of big name designers Richard Borg, Kevin Wilson, and Eric lang.  Not much has been released on the game besides the box cover and some pictures of the board and figures but a Kickstarter for the game will be coming this summer so look forward to that.  Until then you can view some of the proposed content below. siege comp With the original game engine rebuilt and growling to life, Siege of the Citadel has everything you need to recreate the famous battles of Alakhai's citadel - just imagine you can be Doomtroopers like Sean Gallagher or Big Bob! Get a FREE Plasma Carbine and armoured shoulder pads with every box whilst stocks last. siege minis Get ready to face the devastating Praetorian Stalker, which now joins the existing forces of the Citadel's Dark Legion including Undead Legionnaires, Necromutants, Centurions, Razides, and the terrifying Nepharite and Ezoghoul! New rules let you master the Citadel's terrible machinery, the Dark Legion gain defensive and destructible terrain, whilst terrifying story based mission features and other exciting new developments will push you to the limit of your humanity!