Queen Games puts Escape Big Box on Kickstarter

May 6, 2016 - 10:51am
escape big box Queen games is bringing another set of Big Box versions of their games to Kickstarter, this time it’s the Escape series. Both Escape and Escape: Zombie City are available through the project. Both games will come with the base game as well as many included expansions. You will also be able to buy empty shells to store your older editions.
You and your colleagues are adventurers that have found a temple full of precious gems. Unfortunately taking the gems has triggered the wrath of an ancient Idol curse that wants to seal you in the temple forever! Provisions and oxygen are limited. You and your fellow adventurers must fight the fear and panic overwhelming you, so that you can locate and follow the path out of the temple...
Escape is considered a classic by many in the gaming hobby. However, the $100 price tag for Escape and the $80 tag for Zombies might be a bit too high for some. The project has already funded with early birds still available. If you’re interested, you should be jumping on the project now! You can find the project by going: HERE.