Lumenaris announces expansion to Leaving Earth

May 5, 2016 - 10:15am
Leaving earth comp Lumenaris has announced an expansion for their game Leaving Earth
Leaving Earth™ is a game about planning and about managing risk. With even a single grand journey into outer space, you might claim victory in the game. Consequently, it is your job to plan each journey carefully, finding the cheapest, quickest, and safest ways to reach your objective — but do not spend too long preparing, or another nation might reach their goal before you.
This new expansion, titled Outer Planets, will allow players to explore the four outer planets (sorry Pluto) of our solar system.
Outer Planets builds on the rules of Leaving Earth, adding several new features, including: scientists who can study samples without having to bring them home to Earth, slingshot maneuvers that are easy to use (but only available during certain years), exploration that changes the available missions on the table, aerobraking as a dangerous way to perform maneuvers with much less fuel, and several new types of probes to explore icy surfaces and dense atmospheres.
You can read more about the game and its expansion by visiting the Lumenaris website: HERE.