Pre-orders now open for Seafall

May 4, 2016 - 8:45pm
Seafall_Box_Front Legacy games have become all the rage lately with games like Risk Legacy starting the trend and Pandemic Legacy bringing it notoriety. Now we have the first game built by Rob Daviau as a legacy game from the ground up, Seafall. In Seafall you will be taking on the role of ship's captain as you set out in the open seas to explore the coastal islands, discover lost civilizations, or just sail until the sea falls off the end of the world.  The exploration aspect is quite apparent when you look at the board because a majority of it is blank, and there are also status affects that will change things like breaking your sail until you can get it repaired, and abilities associated with different characters making it a true legacy experience. Seafall_Game_Setup The game will be released soon after Gencon with a few copies being available at the convention, you can pre-order the game now at the Plaid Hat site, and if you pre-order through them you also get for free metal coins to upgrade your game.  Also, starting on May 17th, they will be releasing designer blogs written by Rob Daviau that will go into more detail on the mechanics of the game, until then you will just have to satisfy yourself with the launch video.