Now on Kickstarter from Button Shy, Super Pocket League Extreme Wrestling

May 3, 2016 - 9:01pm

Continuing with their wallet series of games Button Shy has put up their next entry on Kickstarter, Super Pocket League Extreme Wrestling, or SuperP.L.E.X. for short.  In this game you and your opponent have a small deck of cards with different moves on them that belong to three different categories, strikes, technical grapples, and power grapples.  You will take this small deck and arrange the cards however you like and place them face down, and it's that arrangement of cards that is the crux of the game because you will be attacking or defending with that deck of cards in the order you put them in.  How this works is that after you have arranged your cards you both flip over the top card and based on a simple rock-paper-scissors type category comparison you determine who will be going on the offense first.  If you are on the defense you rotate your cards as the bottom of every card shows what move category it defends against.  Now you each flip cards over one by one and compare to see if the attack works or is countered, if it's countered then the attacker and defender swap, if it gets through you continue on to the next card, but this time you can do the next attack on the card because you have a combo going.  The farther along in the combo you are the more damage you will do, and each wrestler also comes with a super combo to add to their deck when they get low in health.  Whoever gets knocked out first is the loser. Overall it looks like a neat little game of trying to out think your opponent, and at a cost of only $8 for the base game it is very affordable.  There are higher tiers you can back at that will give you additional wrestlers and a optional playmat with tokens to up the table presence of the game.  If this sounds interesting to you then you can head over to the campaign page and check it out.