Duelyst, featuring Eric Lang, now out of beta

May 1, 2016 - 9:31am
duelyst banner The Duelyst, a digital collectible card game, has left open beta. Why are we discussing a digital game? Because one of the designers was board gaming’s very own super star Eric Lang!
Duelyst is a fast-paced collectible card game with a tactical battlefield. Matches last between five and ten minutes, focusing on thoughtful decision-making and rewarding players with new battle units every regular season. Assemble your deck from over 330 cards across 6 unique Factions and test your mettle against other players in ranked season ladder and draft mode tournaments.
Duelyst was designed by Keith Lee (Diablo III, Ratchet & Clank) and our own Eric Lang (XCOM, Blood Rage, Dice Masters, Warhammer, Game of Thrones, The Others: 7 Sins, Bloodborne). The game uses pixel art warriors to create a battlefield where players must use summons and spells to destroy the enemy general. The game feels very much like a collectible digital version of Summoner Wars where the play style revolves around not only building a good deck and playing cards at the right time, but also moving around the board and using strategic placement of units. You can download the game for free by checking out their homepage: HERE. The game is currently only for desktop computers, but mobile platforms are said to be coming soon.