The Lowry Agency signs both Cheapass Games and Smirk and Dagger Games

April 25, 2016 - 3:47pm
lowery agency The Lowry Agency is looking to bring board games more into the main stream and so has signed Cheapass Games to bring the game Pairs into their market and Smirk and Dagger Games to bring their whole catalog.  The Lowry Agency itself has had over two decades of running PR and marketing for musicians, actors, athletes, speakers, voice over artists, and more, but only in the last three years have they been working to market board games.  At the outset they tried to create a set of board game awards to help with exposure through something called Club Fantasci, but looking at the website right now shows that has fallen to the wayside.  But with these fresh acquisitions they are looking to launch a new push to bring board games into the main stream because as they have said,
Board games have moved way beyond Monopoly, and the public needs to know that.
I wish them good luck and hopefully their can help change that perception of board games for the better.  You can read the press releases about the Cheapass Games partnership here and the Smirk and Dagger partnership here.