Passport Games Announces Kingsport Festival: The Card Game and Simurgh

April 24, 2016 - 8:55am
Passport Game Studios would like to announce their upcoming June 2016 releases entitled Kingsport Festival: The Card Game and Simurgh. kingsport card Kingsport Festival: The Card Game is a game is which players take on the role of high priest of the shadowy cults of Arkham, with the goal of dominating the city.  In this card game, players are now the bad guys, thwarting the attempts of the investigators and preserve your sanity, all at the same time. simurgh Simurgh is a game in which players take on the role of the heads of powerful clans in a fantasy world, where humans and dragons alike hunt and go to war together.  Each player's goal is to gather the most Power Points by breeding dragons, gathering resources, and making use of special abilities.  On each turn, players will receive 1 main action and any number of free actions.  Throughout the game, players build the board by drawing and placing Action Tiles and use them to score points or to provide new Action Spaces.  When all the scoring spaces are filled with tiles, the game ends at the end of the round and Power Points are tallied. Both of these new games are scheduled to be released in June of 2016. For more information on these new releases, visit the official press release here.