Now on Kickstarter from Level 3B, The Game Canopy

April 21, 2016 - 8:08am
game canopy Board gamers love board game accessories, be they dice, dice towers, boxes, or even tables. Now we can have the best in board game bags.  Level 3B has just launched a campaign for their Game Canopy line of bags, these bags are designed and shaped to be able to fit several Ticket to Ride size boxes neatly into a single bag with enough padding and cushioning to make sure that they arrive in as good a shape as they left.  Two sizes will be offered with the Game Canopy being the larger of the two, measuring 13" x 13" x 16" and sporting an array of features like D rings to attach things to, side handles for carrying, and deep side pockets for hauling micro sized games. The Vanguard bag features a smaller size at 13" x 13" x 9" so you can't bring as many games, but still offers a high level of protection and portability to protect and haul your games.  Both bags comes with a very snazzy side opening flap so that when the bag is open, you can reach all the games like you would if they were on your shelf instead of having to unload everything to get at the one you really want.  Also available are shoulder straps to help carry the bags and rain slickers to keep everything dry. The prices for the bags even at early bird are not cheap, but you are paying for quality and protection, so if you are interested you can head over to the campaign page to check it out and pledge for your own bag.