Plaid Hat previews contents of Dead of Winter: The Long Night

April 21, 2016 - 8:04am
lily mae The release date continues to inch closer on the upcoming expansion to Dead of Winter called The Long Night. As that time approaches, Plaid Hat continues to show off some of the new things you can expect to find in the expansion. First are some new abilities for the colonists, like Lily Mae's ability to set explosive traps on a die roll of 6+, this ability puts a trap in an entrance spot and when a zombie hits it, not only does it prevent the placement of that zombie, but also blows away all the other zombies at that location.  Another change is that tokens are now double-sided so the barricades flip over to traps on the other side, noise markers can be flipped to indicate if they added zombies or not, and helpless colonists can flip over to become unruly colonists.  Also talked about are the fact the original locations will be included on thicker card stock and their decks have been revamped with improved items, plus your starting items have been improved as well to increase utility.  But the best thing mentioned though is the fact you can get a Pulse Cannon from the new Raxxon location, this equipment lets you teleport people and zombies anywhere you want them to go twice per round. Dead of Winter is an amazing game and this preview shows that we will be getting more amazing content for the game, you can see the full post on Plaid Hat's website as well as pre-order the game and receive the special Rich Sommer promo card.