Now On Kickstarter: Exposed from Overworld Games

April 19, 2016 - 9:58pm
exposed Overworld Games (Good Cop Bad CopNew Salem, and Booze Barons) would like to proudly announce their sixth Kickstarter campaign for their new title, Exposed.  In this game, "players are hiding in plain sight and mastering the art of pickpocketry to try to steal the most wallets from guests at a party. Just like in Good Cop Bad Cop, you don't have to lie in this one, but you can if that's your style. Each move you make gives away information about your secret identity so you'll need to steal wallets with stealth and cunning to avoid getting exposed by other players!" exposed box This Kickstarter campaign has worldwide free shipping, promo cards that will be exclusive to backers for a limited time, and a money back guarantee.  Another interesting aspect of the campaign is that one of the stretch goals allows backers to earn more promo cards by taking pictures of crazy things related to the campaign. Exposed will be released at GenCon 2016 along with the Undercover expansion to Good Cop Bad Cop.  For more information on this project, visit its Kickstarter page.