Now on Kickstarter from Dice Hate Me Games, Bottom of the 9th: Clubhouse Expansion

April 17, 2016 - 9:56am
clubhouse 2 Bottom of the 9th: Clubhouse was launched just a few days ago and is the first "big" box expansion for the baseball game Bottom of the 9th.  In Bottom of the 9th it's the last half of the last inning of a tie game, and so two teams, each controlled by one player, are dueling it out on the field to see who will win.  The original game had player cards that looked just like old style baseball cards and played with a combination of bluffing and dice rolling.  The expansion aims to expand that game with a slew of new player cards, a new set of cards called equipment cards, a bigger box, and the addition of a new mechanic called shift.  The additional player cards are much the same with a different array of abilities, the equipment cards add a new aspect of your team to customize as you have $1000 to outfit your team with gear before the start of the game.  The Shift ability allows you modify the result of the die in another way, taking a specific die result and changing it up or down one value, thus allowing you to better control your results.  Last about the expansion is what makes this a "big" box expansion, a bigger box,  which is meant to hold all the currently released cards and even more along with the tokens and dice, and it even comes with two dice cups for rolling. Funding for this Kickstarter is already passed it goal and so is into stretch goals with extras like more cards and better components.  You can head to the campaign page to pledge for your copy as well as for the base game or the deluxe play mat.