CMON Limited to Publish US Edition of Kaleidos

April 17, 2016 - 9:41am
kaleidos A popular type of app these days are called hidden object puzzles. In these puzzles you have pictures with tons of stuff on them and a list of specific items you need to find in that picture. The premise for those puzzles was turned into a game called Kaleidos, published back in 1995.  CoolMiniOrNot has acquired the rights to publish the English language version of this award winning party game.  In Kaleidos up to 12 people can play at once as the game is all about finding objects in a picture.  After you set up the picture on your easel, someone will draw a card that will have a letter on it. They will start the timer and everyone writes down as many things in the picture they see that start with that letter.  At the end you compare answers, Scattergories style, with unique answers getting 3 points and repeat answers getting 1.  You repeat this with 9 more letter cards and whoever has the most points at the end is the winner.  CMON will be releasing this game to English audiences in the 3rd quarter of 2016 and you can read the full press release below. CMON Limited to Publish US Edition of Kaleidos CMON Limited is happy to announce it is the US publisher of the award winningKaleidos from Kaleidos Games. Designed by the prolific Spartaco Albertarelli, Kaleidosis a hidden objects game where 2 to 12 players explore a series of beautifully illustrated images by Elena Prette. At the beginning of a round, a letter card is drawn to guide players in their exploration of the image. As players discover the intricacies of each picture on their easel over the course of a minute, they will write down items correlating to the current letter card in play. Once time is up, players compare their lists, gaining 1 point for a word others also found and 3 points for each unique discovery. A new letter is drawn after points are tallied, and play continues for 10 total rounds. Kaleidos is a melding of art and gameplay perfect for families with children of any age or a casual game night. Spartaco Albertarelli says, "I've been waiting for this exciting moment for many years, and now I'm very proud to know that Kaleidos, my best selling game, is finally distributed in the US by such a great company like CMON Limited. CMON is big news in the game market today and everyone is talking about this fast growing company. Being part of the hype is a playful pleasure."