Now on Kickstarter from Queen Games, Paris Connection

April 14, 2016 - 9:20pm
paris connection Queen Games has launched another lightning fast Kickstarter to fund the next print run of  Paris Connection, which seems like another route building game like Ticket to Ride. It's actually an economic game dealing with a type of stock market.  In Paris Connection you will have a set of colored trains behind your screen which represent the "stock holdings" you have in each of the different colored trains on the board.  On your turn you can take a number of trains from the supply and add them to the board to connect the starting city to some other city, when you do you will see what the point amount for that city is and increase that colored train's score by that much.  You also have the option on your turn to swap out your "shares" by replacing trains behind your screen with other colors.  Why you would do this is because when the game ends, the point value of each train behind your screen is equal to the point value of that color on the board.  So if green ends on 10, red on 13, and blue on 8, you will get 10 points for each green train you have, 13 points for each red train and so on.  But you can't just grab tons of trains because you will lose points if you have more than you are allowed based on how many players there are. paris connection bo Paris Connection looks to be a nice light rendition of a stock market type game where you want to up the value of what you have and try to maximize your investment in those colors.  Also included in the campaign is the ability to pledge for the game Chicago Express, a deeper stock market style economic train game, the 2 in 1 expansion for Chicago Express, and Samarkand, another economic game about trading along the Silk Road with some family dynamics thrown in.  If any of this sounds interesting to you then head over to the campaign page before it ends on April 18th.