Coming Soon to Kickstarter from Final Frontier Games, Cavern Tavern

April 14, 2016 - 10:16am
cavern tavern Cavern Tavern is a dice worker placement game in which you are an employee of the Cavern Tavern that is run by a retired gold miner, Nasty the Dwarf.  In Cavern Tavern you will be using your dice to take orders, fulfill those orders, do chores, and talk to Nasty; all in an effort to earn the most points and keep good reputation in chores, the kitchen staff, and Nasty himself. On your turn you will roll your dice and be able to activate different spots on the board, some require just a set number of dice without any requirement on the results, while other spaces require you to have a specific result on the dice.  Some examples are that should you want to get a rock ingredient from the 2 space, you have to place a die showing a 2 in order to activate that space. If you want to perform the "fix the roof" chore, which requires a value of 16, you will have to place enough dice to equal 16 on that space.  You can also talk to Nasty, increasing your reputation and decreasing someone else's, and that only requires you to spend a die, the result on that die is irrelevant.  Another unique aspect of the game is that orders once taken have a set amount of time they need to be completed in, and if you take too long the order becomes worth less and less points and even goes into the negative, so planning ahead and moving quickly are key.  The art for the game looks good, with a nice fantasy feel to it, and each player will get their own colored set of custom dice that will be exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign.cavern tavern board Overall I am looking forward to this addition to the dice worker placement genre, and once it launches I don't think it will have any trouble funding.  You can head to the pre-launch page and check out the campaign before it launches on April 20th as well as opt in for a notification of its launch.