Rum & Bones: Second Tide now on Kickstarter

April 12, 2016 - 9:15am
second tide CoolMiniOrNot has started up their next Kickstarter, this time for Rum & Bones: Second Tide. Rum & Bones is a tactical skirmish game that takes many of its themes and mechanics from MOBA style video games. Players must fight off waves of enemy minions and heroes while trying to destroy key objective points on the opponent’s ship. Player heroes will respawn after a time and the waves will continue to spawn on the deck. Whichever player can gain the most victory points through destroying objectives win. This expansion will feature Spanish pirates fighting off against anthropomorphic sea creatures known as the Deep Lords. second tide board But perhaps the biggest news is that Second Tide will revamp the original game rules and add many new interesting aspects to the game.
  • Hero characters may now be upgraded from leveling, with unique special powers at each level and customizable by the player.
  • Hero deaths will now score victory points in some fashion.
  • Activation order has been changed
You can buy the $15 upgrade kit through the campaign in order to add these changes to your existing game. And of course, what would a CMoN Kickstarter be without exclusives and stretch goals. At this point, you should honestly be backing all their campaigns just for the free stuff! All backers will get exclusive Davey Jones and Captain Ironclaw miniatures right away, with many more stretch goal bonuses already unlocked. You can back Rum & Bones: Second Tide for $100. The campaign ends on April 29th with an estimated delivery of January 2017. You can check out the campaign: HERE. YARR!