New Eldritch Horror expansion announced: Signs of Carcosa

April 10, 2016 - 5:55pm
carcosa Fantasy Flight announces the next expansion in their highly acclaimed Eldritch Horror series: Signs of Carcosa. Eldritch Horror has hit massive appeal amongst fans of the Arkham Horror series due to its simpler ruleset that drastically cuts down on time and setup while allowing for the same feeling of horror and dread. Each expansion releases more of the iconic old ones that make up so many Cthulhu games. But one great evil has, in my mind, been missing for too long. Signs of Carcosa seeks to remedy this by bringing Hastur, the King in Yellow, into the game.
“The Unspeakable One begins to push its way into our world in the Signs of Carcosa expansion. Yet Hastur’s approach doesn’t exhibit the brute force of an Ancient One like Azathoth or Cthulhu—Hastur is far more insidious and prefers to approach through whelming tides of madness. Hastur enters your games of Eldritch Horror as an entirely new Ancient One that you can battle as you attempt to solve terrible mysteries such as Finding the Way,  which requires you not only to delve into Hastur’s twisted designs, but to claim the Key to Carcosa and journey into the domain of the King in Yellow."
carcosa stuff As always, the expansion will bring more variety to the game in the effect of characters, spells, etc. A popular character, Dexter Drake, finally makes his debut as well.
"This soldier-turned-magician has a natural flair for showmanship, and in the wake of the Great War, he turned to the stage to make his living. Of course, it proved impossible to learn illusions and deception without picking up a great deal of real occult knowledge. Now, Dexter Drake still travels the world, using his shows as a front for his work battling the minions of Hastur."
The expansion is slated for a third quarter release in 2016. You can read their press release by going: HERE.