Now on Kickstarter from Button Shy, Cow Tiger Santa Claus - The definitive travel game

April 6, 2016 - 10:54am
cow tiger Button Shy is on a roll with their line of small wallet sized micro games, and now they have a new one for road trips. As a kid I remember taking road trips out to Arkansas and one of the fun things was playing road bingo, where you would have a hand-held bingo board filled with things you might see on a road trip.  There was easy stuff like a specific sign or car type to harder stuff like animals and emergency vehicles, so it was fun riding in the car trying to find all the items on my board before we got there.  Button Shy has taken this concept and turned it into a small card game called Cow Tiger Santa Claus and in this game you have three different decks, the Cow deck, the Tiger deck, and the Santa Claus deck.  To play you will draw a card from each deck and that will give you three things to be on the lookout for with stuff in the Cow deck being easy, Tiger for the medium, and Santa Claus for the hard items.  If you scope out the item on the card then you "score" that card and when you score all three cards you win and you can record your victory on the included sheet. cow tiger cards Like all the other wallet games this will come in a small vinyl wallet with the game name on it so you can quickly grab it and go.  Also available in this campaign are six of the other wallet games produced by Button Shy so you can pledge for one or two or all of the different wallet sized games.  If the game sounds interesting then you can head over to the campaign page to check it out and pledge for your own copy, which costs only a measly $8.