Flick'em Up!: Red Rock Tomahawk

April 6, 2016 - 11:00am
tomahawk F2Z Entertainment is proud to officially announce the upcoming new expansion for their popular dexterity game, Flick'em Up!, entitled Flick'em Up!: Red Rock Tomahawk.  This follows last year's first expansion for the game, Stallion Canyon, and continues the game line by adding an entire new clan and new game mechanics.
The infamous Cooper clan has begun taking over small villages.  Those villages, however, belong to the Native Americans, who are armed with bows and tomahawks, and ready to defend their land in 5 exciting scenarios.  But they best be careful around the Cooper clan's new weapon: the relentless Gatling gun.
Flick'em Up!: Red Rock Tomahawk is set for an August 2016 release at Gen Con this summer.  More information on the release will be coming soon, and you can learn more about the game via the company's website here.