Now on Kickstarter from DVG, WARFIGHTER - World War II

April 5, 2016 - 10:53pm
Courtesy Kickstarter Campaign

  DVG is known for its wargames and this time around they are returning to foot soldier level action in WWII.  In Warfighter WWII you will pick one or more player soldiers, they are like the stars of a movie, and you will equip them with weapons, gear, skills as well as get a hand of action cards associated with that soldier.  Along with the player soldiers you can recruit non-player soldiers, these are like the main star's buddy, which you can then outfit with gear just like the player ones but they don't give you any action cards.  Last are the squad soldiers, these are the background characters, who can't have equipment or skills and since all the information is on the one card, a single player can control a squad of these soldiers easily.  Once all this prep is done you are ready to run headlong into battle, fighting enemies as they come through card play and dice rolling simulating the various conditions in combat.  As you fight battles you will acquire experience points that allow you to use special actions, upgrade your gear or your skills as well as play support cards.  You will keep going until you accomplish the mission's objective thus ending in success, or you run out of health or turns and thus the mission ends in failure. The Kickstarter itself is to get the boxed version of this game and you also have the option to add four expansions to it expanding what countries you can run your army from and the gear you can equip them with.  If you are a fan of the series or want it become one, you can head over to the campaign page and pledge for your copy today.