Now on Kickstarter from Nauvoo Games, Stockpile: Continuing Corruption

April 1, 2016 - 11:08am
stockpile cont Stockpile is a stock trading game where you are buying and selling stocks based on limited information on how they will change in a bid to make the most money by the end of the game.  It was very well received and praised for it's high quality and fun gameplay, and just recently it made the lists of Tom, Jason, and Rahdo for their Top 10 Economic Games.  The expansion, Stockpile: Continuing Corruption, has just launched on Kickstarter and intends to expand that experience to make it an even better game by adding four new modules.
  • Additional investors, giving you more options in terms of starting money and player powers with such names as Opulent Oprah, Moneymaker Mitt, and Socialist Sanders
  • Bonds, giving you a safe way to earn money each round, but be careful, you can't redeem the bonds for cash until end game scoring
  • Commodity and Tax cards, these cards are put out like the market cards and bring a set collection aspect to the game with positive money for commodities and negative money for taxes
  • Forecast Dice, where instead of drawing randomly from the entire forecast deck, the dice will tell you which six forecast cards to use so you have a bit more info, even if it's all bad
stockpile cont comp You can pick and choose which modules to add to the base game but like all good expansions they add fun new twists without adding a lot of extra mechanisms to the games.  So if you like Stockpile and want even more, you can head over to the campaign page to back, and even if you back for only $1 you still get the expansion in Print and Play format.