Now on Kickstarter from Portal Dragon, Zephyr: Winds of Change

April 1, 2016 - 11:03am
zephyr Zephyr: Winds of Change is a cooperative steam punk adventure game where each player is a captain of an airship and it's crew. Captains will  fly around exploring the skies and work towards accomplishing missions while attempting to defeat the evil warlord.  In the game, each  airship will start out with fairly basic equipment and abilities, but over the course of the game you can upgrade your airship with things such as improved guns, armor, or special gadgets to provide new abilities.  The same goes for your crew. You start with the bare bones and begin to hire more people, and when you do they will come with a random personality and a faction you choose giving them different abilities each time you play.  While building up your airship and crew are nice, you will have to make progress on the overall mission which is chosen at the beginning and will determine your starting resources and the win condition.  You will then explore the land with your airship flipping over exploration cards, taking on extra assignments for rewards to use in upgrades, and fight battles with other airships as you continue in your mission.  Will you all succeed or go down in a hail of bullets and fire? zephyr ship Zephyr looks like an interesting cooperative game and comes with good reviews from both NVS and Undead Viking.  One benefit of the campaign is that Portal Dragon has already implemented a demo of the game on Tabletop Simulator so if you own that you can play the game before you buy.  So if you want to back for the game or to be IN the game, head on over to the campaign page today.