Now on Kickstarter from Roxley Games, Santorini

March 30, 2016 - 12:23pm
santorini Not many games venture into the 3D realm beyond minis, but this game buys into it 100% and looks beautfiul.  Santorini, a game 30 years in the making, is an abstract strategy type game where you and an opponent (or opponents with the stretch goals) are gods trying to help build the most beautiful village in the Aegean sea.  On each turn you will move your characters and build buildings, trying to get your builder on top of a three story building to be declared the winner.  Play is super simple with only two actions, move a builder one space and then build a piece of a building on an adjacent space, where the strategy comes in is with the player powers, the domes, and the movement restrictions.  For the movement restrictions you can move on the same level and jump down any number of levels, but you can only move up one level, meaning you can get trapped if you have too many tall buildings around you.  As for the dome, when you build a fourth story on a building, instead of adding a building piece you can move onto, you add a dome, thus blocking off that spot for movement for the rest of the game.  The last bit of strategy comes in the form of player powers where you can prevent players from moving up a block for a turn, build twice, take a second turn when you build a dome, have alternate win conditions and more.  Gameplay lasts about 20 minutes so playing multiple times in a row is encouraged, and the simple rules means that you can play it with kids. santorini comp All the pieces of the game are beautiful and the 3D aspect of the raised island and building pieces along with the blue domes contrasting the white buildings means this game looks beautiful and will turn heads when you are playing it.  With a pledge amount of $65 CAD it is not a cheap game, but given the amount of plastic in the game I can understand the high price point.  So if you like two (or three) player strategy games like this and don't mind the price, than head on over to the campaign page to pledge for your own copy today.