Interesting Dice Kickstarters

March 28, 2016 - 11:00am
Some interesting dice Kickstarters have been running now and here are a few of the most interesting ones. stone dice Reusing and re-purposing of material is the cornerstone of recycling and so Carter Zufelt has taken that to heart and created a line of products called Müll, all made from recycled plastic.  The secret behind Müll is the process where recycled plastics are melted and compressed into a solid block that is both durable and long lasting. From this block he is able to carve out key chains, rings, dice, and various containers as if they were made of wood. While the price is high for each item you can't deny that the look is unique and beautiful.  If this strikes you as something you would like then head on over to the campaign page to check it out. prism dice Every worried that your dice will break?  What if I told you that you could get some really rugged dice, dice so tough they are bulletproof?  That is what the Prism dice campaign is offering, for a price.  In this campaign they are offering sets of crystal clear dice of varying colors made out of bulletproof glass, making them extra tough but still beautiful to look out.  You can check out their campaign page and pledge, just know you are paying for the quality. bullseye dice Next are some custom dice in the form of Bullseye D4s and D8s.  These dice give a more thematic feel to your rouge or ranger rolls as the D4s have daggers in a target and how many dagger that stick out are what the number is.  For the D8 it's much the same but instead they are arrows sticking out of a target.  While this method means it takes a second or two longer to count up your results, they do look cool.  Head on over to their campaign page to check it out. clockwise dice Last is some custom D6 in the form of Six Sided Summoner dice.  What is special about these dice is that a different mythic creature is shown on each one, either the spider queen, kitsune, cockatrice, or the leviathan.  Each of the different sides shows a different part of the creature along with the number so you can still use them in any game needing dice.  You can check out the campaign page to pledge if you like the look of these dice.