Now on Kickstarter from Robin David, Sub Rosa: Spies for Hire

March 25, 2016 - 11:27am
sub rosa Sub Rosa: Spies for Hire is a micro bluffing game where you are bidding on control for different spies and whoever has control of the most at the end of the round wins.  This is a simple goal, but getting there is not so simple. At the start of the game you will randomly choose a number of spies based on the number of players and place them in front of everyone.  Then everyone will play their tokens, numbered 2 to 6 and two blackmail tokens, one at a time on each spy until everyone has played all but one of their tokens.  The interesting part of the game comes from two points, first is that all bids are face down so this gives the opportunity for bluffing your opponents, the other are the blackmail tokens which allow you to activate the abilities of the spies allowing you to manipulate the tokens on the spies or even lock people out of bidding on some spies.  After all that the tokens are revealed and the person who has control of the most spies is the winner. sub rosa cards If you are a fan of bluffing and micro games this might be a good choice for you, but as always head over to the campaign page to pledge if you want as well as see the reviews from sites like the Bearded Meeple, NVS, and Cloak and Meeple.  Cost of entry is low at $12 and each stretch goal adds additional spies to help extend replayability.