Crash'em now on Kickstarter

March 22, 2016 - 9:11am
crashem Crash’em is a game of monster trucks, now on Kickstarter. Crash’em, created by the Dutch designer Michel Baudoin through his company Wacky Works, pits players in a demolition derby, seeking to destroy all other players by causing the most damage.
“Players will race their monster trucks through the arena. The aim is to deal as much damage as you can to the other players’ monster trucks. Drive over the power-up fields to gain weapons and damage your opponents even more. The player who deals the most damage wins. Players will only have fifteen seconds to choose their three actions. When the horn blares, the actions play out and you will race towards your opponents.”
crashem comp Crash’em is a ‘programmable movement’ game with real-time strategy. Players get anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds to plan their entire round by placing cards face down in front of them. At the sound of the buzzer, players will flip over all their cards and play through the round. Each card has a number and each action will be played in numerical order. The player’s goal is to hit the cars of the other players and deal damage. Points are scored at the end of the game based on how much damage they have done to the other players. There are also power up points along the board that will give players certain weapons or traps to use against their opponents. Crash’em is a party style game for up to 6 players. It’s rules are lightweight and will take around 30 minutes to play. You can back Crash’em for €49 or €29 with Essen pickup. The project hopes to raise €12,500. Check out the Kickstarter and become a backer by going HERE.