Fantasy Flight to Release Companion App for Descent 2.0

March 19, 2016 - 10:20am
road to legend banner Descent has been the gold standard of dungeon crawl games and while it has been, for the most part, a one versus many game (aside from the three co-op expansions), the new app being released by Fantasy Flight Games aims to expand the co-op experience significantly. In the Descent companion app, Road to Legend, it assumes the role of the overlord directing you on how to move the monsters, thus making to so that four heroes can play without the need for an overlord player or additional cards to control monster movement.  Also the app can generate random dungeon maps for you to explore and keep track of everything you find, buy, or learn so you can save your progress in the app and restart later without having to worry about forgetting anything. The app also takes into account what expansions you have so that it will never call out a monster or dungeon tile you don't have.  Lastly the app will also expand the campaigns you have to choose from by including downloadable content to give you new adventures to go on, and right out the gate there will be a campaign available for download when the app launches.  You can see the launch video on Youtube, read more about it on the FFG website, and look forward to the app's release on the App Store, Steam, and Google Play in the next couple weeks.