Now on Kickstarter - Hunt: The Unknown Quarry Digital Version

March 9, 2016 - 8:13am
hunt Hunt: The Unknown Quarry is a deduction/murder mystery board game by Jeremy Lennert where players are bounty hunters trying to kill a monster. One player is secretly the monster, whose goal is to cripple all the other players and escape the mansion. Gameplay is card driven - players look at cards for clues, get items to add to their hand, and can interact with other players in the same room by attacking them with their cards. Since this game relies on secret information, the board game might not be able to completely immerse people into the theme. Now on Kickstarter, Quicksilver Software is releasing a digital version of Hunt: The Unknown Quarry. With the digital version, the computer can help keep track of rules and actions, allowing the game to be more interactive and faster to play. Players will also be able to play online.   If digital board games don't appeal to you, you can also get the physical copy of the board game, or a "digital physical version" (which I'm not exactly sure what it is). To learn more, see the Kickstarter here.