Now on Kickstarter from Minion Games, The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire

March 9, 2016 - 8:11am
energy empire Having released two expansions for the original game, The Manhattan Project, Minion Games is starting to expand the universe with more games. The first is a small card game called Chain Reaction, the next being the big box game The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire.  The goal is no longer to build up your nuclear arsenal but to provide energy to your empire while ensuring you don't create any global crisis or too much pollution. energy empire inside box Players start by randomly selecting an achievement, which awards bonus points at the end, and picking a nation, with each nation having different starting resources and ways to improve their standing in the UN.  When the game starts you will have two options on your turn, work or generate.  When you work, you are sending out your workers to drill for oil, do scientific research, build plants, cleanup pollution, and so on to expand your energy empire.  If you generate you will pull back all your workers and generate energy with the resources you collected and power plants you built.  You will play for six rounds, with scoring determined by the global impact cards drawn that round, and at the end of the sixth round you score achievement points and see who has scored the most points building their energy empire. If this all sounds interesting you can head over to the campaign page to pledge for your copy, and you can pledge for copies of the original Manhattan Project with Nations expansion or the Chain Reaction card game as well.