Grifters from Indie Boards and Cards now on Kickstarter

March 7, 2016 - 10:12pm
Indie Boards and Cards, the people behind Resistance and Coup, have a new Kickstarter up for the game Grifters, designed by Jake Tlapek and David Fulton.
Grifters is a hand-building game that has all the fun of deck-building games, without the deck. Players take on the role of powerful crime bosses, building their criminal organizations by carefully recruiting new operatives with specialized skills and directing their team’s nefarious deeds. All of your specialists are either in play or in your hand, ready to be used as you command. This unique hand-building mechanic gives you total control of your strategy.
True in style to IBC’s previous games, Grifters looks to be a small box card game based on high interaction and smart card play. Your goal is to steal the most money from multiple sources, including enemy players. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins. Grifters can be yours at the base cost of $25 for US backers, with prices increasing for further distance from the states. As in other IBC Kickstarters there are promo versions of some of the components unique to backers of the game. The game is listed as a September 2016 release. You can check out the page HERE.