Plaid Hat to release remaining Second Summoners at Origins

March 7, 2016 - 2:58am
Plaid Hat Games has announced that the remaining eight Second Summoners for their flagship game Summoner Wars will be released at Origins this summer. They have also provided a smash-up picture of all the new characters. Summoner Wars, the initial title of Plaid Hat Games and designed by the company’s president Colby Dauch, saw a major release earlier this year with their Summoner Wars: Alliances box set. Before this release Plaid Hat had been slowly trickling out their Second Summoners collection, which contained extra fully playable decks for each of the game’s factions. This news promises the release of the remaining eight packs to complete the collection. With this news release also comes another story set in the Summoner Wars universe. You can find the teaser photo, as well as the in-game lore story, by clicking HERE.