Now on Kickstarter: Pack O Game Set 2

March 4, 2016 - 8:56am
From Publishers Kickstarter

Game wherever YOU ARE! Another SET of insanely small card games that you can play anywhere, with anyone, ANYTIME!
In 2014, Pack O Game Set 1, a series of small card games with a surprising amount of gameplay, strategy and fun, released to great success.  Now, the game's publisher Perplext has started a new Kickstarter project for the Set 2 in the series, featuring middle-weight games, for gamers, that present games with more depth of gameplay.  This set includes four new games of varying complexity and length, listed as follows:
  • Gym:  Unique Team “Picking" (just like those gym class days!) with interesting strategy and manipulation during the event playing phase.
  • Rum:  Quick turns, “Press your luck”, set collecting with stealing.
  • Sow:  “Mancala” meets secret goal/set collecting farming game.
  • Orc:  A short, 2-player battle of hand management and timing.
Also included at various pledge levels in the campaign is a POD, a custom zipper-pouch that officially stores your Pack O Games. All four of these new games are also playable on the digital gaming platform Tabletopia. The project is set to fund on April 3, 2016, and reached it's funding goal in the first day.  For more information on the project, visit the Kickstarter page here.