Greater Than Games acquires license for Exoplanets

March 3, 2016 - 8:36am
exoplanets Successfully Kickstarted in June of 2015, Exoplanets is a solar system building game where you are terraforming planets around a central star in order to create the best system before the star burns out.  You will use these planets to generate resources to build other planets, create life on habitable planets, and fulfill goals in order to score more points.  Play continues until the last of the light resource is taken, signaling that the star is burning out. The game was fairly well received and obtained a Dice Tower Seal of Approval in Tom's video review of the game.  Thus Greater Than Games decided to pick up the game for distribution and will be Kickstarting a second edition later this year.  The Kickstarter will include promotional items and variants not included in the original along with updated rules and such to make it a true second edition.  No additional information has been given beyond that so we will just have to keep a lookout for the Kickstarter around the middle of the year.