Blokus is American Girl's Game of Choice?

February 27, 2016 - 10:17am
blokus american girl The popular line of designer dolls, American Girl, has released a Pizza Party Set that serves as an accessory for the American Girl dolls (and their owners).  The Pizza Party Set features a heart-shaped pretend pizza, a matching heart-shaped pizza pan, colorful pizza box, two pretend drinks with straws, two napkins, two paper plates, and a mini book. And how on earth does this have anything to do with board games? Here's why: the set also includes "a doll-sized Blokus game, including a board and tiles that girls can really play with, plus a box for storage."  One comment made by a customer of the American Girl website stated, "I was very impressed with the Blokus Game because it is an exact miniature replica of the human version. The eighty-four pieces are well made and the doll can even hold some of them, which makes this set great for doll play!" So apparently, the gaming hobby has permeated the lives of even the American Girl. More evidence that can gaming can indeed be for anyone. More information can be found about this set on the American Girl website here.