Now on Kickstarter from Queen Games, World Monuments

February 27, 2016 - 10:08am
world monuments World Monuments, the next Kickstarter game from Queen Games, is a monument building game where you and up to three other players are competing for points while building one of history's great monuments. In the first phase you are gathering building material by moving a single pawn around a quarry.  Each move you have to move 4 spaces and you pick up any materials as you go, but which materials you pick up is important.  Colors like purple, white, yellow, and red are used in the construction of the monument while the blue and black blocks are straight extra points.  But just grabbing blocks at random won't help you win, you have to plan things out because each level of the structure has to be built with a specific color, and any blocks you have left over at the end of the round count against you and cost you points.  In the second phase you earn points by building the structure, the higher the level you build the more points you get so you have to be careful not to set up the other players to get big points off what you placed.  This goes on for three rounds and whoever has the most points at the end wins. This game feels a bit like Blokus 3D but with easier blocks to place and more direct competition for spots on the board and so if you enjoy that kind of game, you might enjoy this one. world monuments comp The campaign is shorter than usual with it ending on March 8th (only two weeks from start to finish) and if you back you get extra boards and blocks to be used in the game which is a nice bonus.  The cost of the pledge however is still close to MSRP so you aren't saving much money, but there is another pledge level that does boast amazing savings.  If you pledge at the Get to Know Queen Games pledge level, for $120 plus shipping, you will get the World Monuments Kickstarter game as well as NeptunBatavia (german version with english rules), Lost Legends, and Kairo.  All together the MSRP worth is over $300 and you are getting them all at over 50% off, which is an amazing deal.  So if the game sounds interesting or you just can't resist a good game sale, head on over to the campaign page to pledge.