Upcoming Legendary: Captain America 75th Anniversary Set

February 21, 2016 - 9:40am
cap america legendary The iconic American hero Captain America will be celebrating his 75th anniversary this year, and Upper Deck will be releasing a small box expansion for the Legendary Deck Building Game dedicated to the captain.  The new expansion will include new Heroes and Villains, as well as two new Masterminds and four challenging new Schemes. Upper Deck would like to reveal the first "spoiler" for the new expansion, the keyword Savior. This keyword appears often on the cards of this set, and ask you to look at a player's victory pile.  Here is a description of the keyword in detail:
If you have three or more Bystanders in your victory pile, then you are a “Savior.” Many cards, such as Liberate the Prisoners, will give a player a benefit if he or she is a Savior. In this case, if you are a Savior, you get to draw a card. It’s as simple as that. There is one rule that should be mentioned regarding Savior. You will notice there’s one other effect on Liberate the Prisoners above. If you’ve already played an Avengers card before you play Liberate the Prisoners, you get to rescue a Bystander. What if you have two Bystanders in your victory pile, then you play a different Avengers card, and then you play Liberate the Prisoners after that? Does that third Bystander count towards being a Savior or not? The answer is that it does. The general rule is if a Hero card rescues a Bystander, that counts towards any Savior ability on that Hero.
More "spoilers" from this new expansion set will be released soon.  To read more about this expansion, visit the forums on BoardGameGeek.com here.