New from Looney Labs, Mad Libs: The Game

February 21, 2016 - 9:36am
mad libs Taking a break from the Fluxx universe, we have a new light-hearted party game from Looney Labs, Mad Libs: the Game.  Mad Libs is a wildly popular printed word game with millions of books in print and apps downloaded, all using a random word fill-in mechanic to create zany stories. The print book works by reading off types of words such as adjectives, verbs, nouns. Other people will give random words of those types.  You fill in the blanks with those words and then read off the crazy story that is created, which is often hilarious for both children and adults alike. Mad Libs: The Game plays the same way where the a player draws a sentence card that has blanks in it to be filled with different word types.  Every player will have a hand of words that can fit different word types and will play cards to fill in the blanks.  Each sentence is read and then voted on. The one with the most votes wins the sentence card.  Like other games of this type you can go to how ever many cards you want and just have fun playing.  Look for the game in stores at the end of March 2016.