Van Ryder Games' Saloon Tychoon Launches on Kickstarter

February 18, 2016 - 7:51am
saloon tycoon Today, Van Ryder Games will launch its 4th Kickstarter project, Saloon Tychoon.  This game for 2-4 players is light-medium weight, and is designed by the Building the Game podcast's co-host, Robert Couch. In this tile-laying game, players are vying to build the best saloon in town by playing tiles on their player boards.  Using cubes as supports, players may place new tiles on top of old ones, creating a unique aesthetic as players build new rooms onto their saloons.  These rooms include poker rooms, laundry rooms, stables, jails, and more. saloon tycoon stuff Van Ryder will be utilizing a new concept called HUBS that "aims to save backers money on shipping by having many backers from one area pick up their games from a central HUB. It is completely optional, but for those trying to minimize their expenses, it will be a very welcomed option." For more information, visit the Kickstarter project or the Van Ryder website here.